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Januray 2022. New works for flutes and guitars, CD release (Da Vinci Classics):

jukka-pekka kervinen and unassisted fold in residence. kulturnhalle leipzig, 10th-20th january 2019.

working again together with finnish composer and digital artist jukka-pekka kervinen (!!!), this time on “ragas”: a new series of 10 algorithmic IDM composition for flutes, MIDI guitar and laptop.

“asymptotics”, a new release of microtonal works by german composer manfred stahnke coming in 2019.

“asymptotics” is a portrait of manfred stahnke’s music for flutes and guitars. a selection of five pieces written between the end of the eighties and 2011.

audio exemple:

  • flötenmachine (2007), for flute and tape
  • Street music V (1993), for flute and electric guitar
  • Ansichten eines käfers (1991), for classical guitar in scordatura
  • Asymptotics (2011), for flute and electric guitar
  • malaita (1989), for MIDI guitar in 7edo tuning

unassisted fold guest performers at HighSCORE new music Festival, August 2019.

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