uninterrupted disturbance – limit cycle records (2014)

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unassisted fold plays the music of Jukka Pekka Kervinen. the album contains compositions for instruments and electronics written between 2009 and 2014 in different styles. 
these works are mostly computer-oriented, including algorithmic composing methods, sound processing, live coding and combine flutes, guitars, different microtonal tunings, post minimal music, minimal techno, glitch and IDM. 

italiani all estero – 19th century music for flute and guitar (2016)

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a one shot live recording of some beautiful pages from flute&guitar literature by 19th century italian guitarist-composers mauro giuliani, francesco molino and ferdinando carulli combined with short improvisations between the pieces.

Il rovescio del tempo – music by giovanni damiani and giovanni mancuso (2017)

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“Le grand palindrome” (2011) composed by giovanni damiani takes the title from georges perec’s homonym palindromic poem.

the piece is for a reciting electric guitarist, bass flute and live electronics. the composer uses the same rules of perec’s poem adapting them to the music. the live electronic is constantly recording parts of the played material and playing it back reversed. the accumulation of palindromic layers generates new counterpoints and the piece contains numerous “citations” from joseph haydn, guillaume de machaut and richard strauss. the text is read in a kind of burlesque or “drunk” french to make parts of it understandable when spoken and when electronically reversed.

“Le grand palindrome” g. perec , text: http://homepage.urbanet.ch/cruci.com/lexique/palindrome.htm

“Mystisches Kabarett” (2015) is a collection of sketches (including some theatrical actions) for flutes, guitars and audio tracks, composed and dedicated to unassisted fold by giovanni mancuso.

new works for flutes and guitars – Da Vinci Classics- (2022)